National Court Register No.: 0000172551, REGON: 015577950

Account: BRE Bank 18 1140 1010 0000 3124 7500 1001

The Open Source Culture Foundation has had the status of public benefit organization since 2005 – persons interested in sending donation by virtue of 1% of the income tax can indicate our organisation in their return tax – suffice it to give the name of the foundation and National Court Register number.

The Open Source Culture Foundation was brought into life in August 2003. The main goal of the Foundation is to propagate the artistic culture, including the supervision of cultural magazines coming out in Poland.

From the beginning of its existence, the Foundation was gathering and compiling information about cultural magazines, collecting it in the Katalog, making donations for the cultural magazines’ publishers in the grantgiving contests (Grants), providing trainings concerning making use of new technologies in magazines’ issuing (Trainings) and disseminating cultural magazines on the Internet. Witryna , the site being composed of several web services, was the axis of these activities.

For the time being, within the framework of the site Witryna , we administer the web service Katalog, publish biweekly “Witryna”, in which we comment currently on the content brought out in cultural press in order to offer support cultural magazines’ promotional efforts.

The similar assistance is also rendered by Festival Culture of Polish Magazines which aims relate to drawing attention of the mass media to the limited print-run magazines.