Festival Culture of Polish Magazines

During the first three editions (2004-2006) the formula of Festival Culture of Polish Magazines remained unchanged and consisted in arranging debates between editors of the culture-oriented magazines with high circulation figures and these with the shorter run printing. Such treatment of the issue allowed for confining the attention of the audience and media to the occurrences being present in the sphere of culture and requiring a more thorough analysis, that have been noticed by the cultural magazines’ editorships.

The scope of discussion included all areas of the arts together with a social afterthought; its topic referred above all to the problems concerning particular kinds of art and functioning of the limited print-run magazines in Poland.

In the course of the Festival, alongside with the debate, such accompanying events as authors’ meetings, artistic actions, presentations, exhibitions and mini-conferences took place.

Festival Culture of Polish Magazines 2007

This year we slightly altered the shape of the Festival. The majority of the discussions will be led on the Internet in the Festival’s website. The online debates will be wound around the topics corresponding directly to the ‘making of’ a magazine, i.e. to various challenges, that the editorships have to deal with. The Internet-based part of the Festival will be accompanied by two meetings in which the editors of the cultural magazines will participate and which will be hosted by the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw and Warsaw University.