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About the project

Witryna is a non-profit project. Its aim is to provide comprehensive information about social and cultural periodicals in Poland and to promote both printed and online periodicals. We would like the site to emerge as a lively and inspiring forum, which successfully promotes the exchange of ideas via cultural magazines and supports their development and subscription.

The Journal Showcase - Witryna - releases information about cultural magazines and presents an overview of their profiles, sample covers and tables of contents, with several search options available (Catalogue, Advanced Search). provides subscription terms for featured magazines and enables readers to subscribe via our site (Subscription). In the Bulletin we review and comment upon the latest issues of cultural press, as well as reprint noteworthy texts.

Publishers, editors and readers interested in cooperating with us are requested to send their contributions to:

Konrad Cezary Kęder
Agnieszka Kozłowska (Catalogue)
Olga Katarzyna Szotkowska

Witryna Bulletin
Agata Gogołkiewicz

Contributors (Witryna Bulletin)
Igor Kędzierski
Miłka Malzahn
Maciej Stroiński
Beata Pieńkowska
Katarzyna Wajda
Grzegorz Wysocki

Publications reviewed by
Agata Adamiecka
Piotr Kosiewski
Dariusz Nowacki
Wojciech Wilczyk
Emil Majuk

Witryna Bulletin
Grażyna Chamielec
Marta Choińska
Michał Kwiatkowski
Małgorzata Pilewska
Anna Skrajna
Kinga Witowska
Mark Bence
Mirosław Bieniecki
Bartek Świetlik
Artur Zapałowski

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