frequent questions

Is a commercial project?
Witryna is a noncommercial project. Its aim is to promote cultural and social periodicals. The site is not meant to bring profit other than intellectual.

How is the project financed and managed?
Witryna Czasopism. pl - the Journals Showcase - has been created in 2000 by Olga Katarzyna Szotkowska and Konrad Cezary Kęder and until the end of 2002 was carried out by the Stefan Batory Foundation. In 2003 the project was managed by Foksal Gallery Foundation and since the beginning of 2004 the Showcase project belongs to the activities of the Open Source Culture Foundation.

What kind of magazines may be placed in the Catalogue?
The Catalogue of Cultural Journals is designed for all magazines, which meet the following criteria: they are devoted to cultural or social issues, they appear continuously and publish original material. Strictly scientific or confessional publications will not be included in the Catalogue. We are not interested in collecting or publishing information on the publications of political parties or state administration, bulletins, local daily press or high print run press.

Is entering a magazine into the Catalogue free?
Entering information about a magazine dealing with social or cultural issues into the Catalogue is free. Editors who wish to place their cultural or social magazines in the Catalogue are requested to contact us.

Is it possible to publish a text in
Editors, authors and publishers wishing to publish texts on the Journal Showcase website are requested to contact us. Fees are not provided.

Is the site complete?
The website is not complete yet. We are sorry for the resulting inconveniences. Please visit us regularly and check for updates.

May I put your banner on my Web page?
Of course. Please choose one of the available banners.