edition 2006

The third edition of the Festival Culture of Polish Magazines consists of three parts. From September to December 2006, discussions with editors of cultural magazines were held in several polish cities together with accompanying events.

Launching magazines

September 19 (Tuesday) and 20 (Wednesday) – Art Institute “Island” (Gdańsk Shipyard) and Friends of Sopot Association (Sierakowscy Residence, Sopot)

Giedroyc – all what we miss: involvement, independence and funds

9 October (Monday) – Baltic Centre of Culture – Gdansk

10 October (Tuesday) – Meetings with History House and The KARTA Centre – Warsaw

12 October (Thursday) – Bunker of Arts – Cracow

13 October (Friday) – Upper Silesia Centre of Culture – Katowice

Art suffers – let us speak

7, 8 December – Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle (Warsaw); 9, 10 December Bunkier Sztuki (Cracow)

Information about this year events can be found on the Festival website.

The concept of the Festival Culture of Polish Magazines is based on the discussion between editors in chief of high print run magazines and low print run magazines dealing with cultural issues. The main topic of discussion are difficulties in various arts and functioning of low print run magazines in Poland.

A significant context of the debate is how new technologies and mass media affect culture and esthetical preferences of the recipients.